Good times become memories similar to backstabbing friends who are secretly enemies,
However I must pretend to not be melancholy,
I just never thought this soon we would be allowed to see what we could be potentially,
But everything happens for a reason right?
Like the way we connect when we make love at night,
I could’ve sworn that we were in love last night,
Would you blame me, shame me, or no longer entertain me if I put up a fight because I want to hop on that flight and let every passenger know that I don’t want you to go,
They’ll probably think I’m insane trying to hijack the plane but I’ll just have to explain that the only thing I’m trying to hold captive is your heart,
I wish goodbyes were as easy as saying hello,
I wish goodnight kisses didn’t mean that I would have to see you go,
I wish that the times I think about you there could be a way for you to know that you’re on my mind,
But everything happens for a reason right?
Maybe this isn’t goodbye but see you later,
Maybe I’m not that guy but I did you a favor by giving you what you wanted while I could,
Forever only lasts as long as we let it, But if we can make it last any longer then we should.


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