Truly Yours

You see making love is the closest we’ll ever be to loving each other, 

And as soon as your lips touch mine I taste every hateful word that you’ve ever told me,

So I begin to grasp your neck and you begin to claw my chest and as you gasp for air I beg you to tell me more, 

You say that you hate me but you love when I’m inside you so I provide you exactly what you wish for,

Sinful pleasures no such thing as forever I am merely here to taint your soul,

I rub my lips down your temple and dive head first into the stream from which your river flows, 

I’ve never tasted anything as good as you,

So I dive in and I begin to swim upstream,

Slow stroking until the room becomes hot, the breaths become shallow, and the sweat becomes cold,

Unable to say a word but by the look in your eyes what’s on your mind I already know,

So over you roll and I begin to show your sweet waters my backstroke,

As I continue to swim your upper limbs begin to extend as you clench the earth beneath us,

I wonder if the way your spine is adjacent to mine is a sign of what love really looks like,

And as I arise from your waters I release every emotion that I’ve been holding back onto you,

Then I kiss your lips one more time just to say I hate you too. 

Pink Moscato

Pink Moscato,

 I wish I could be you,
The way she drowns her emotions in your tonic potion,
I wish I could be her remedy too,
I wonder if the act of lusting to love is still considered a sin,
Lights dimmed, and lipstick stained on the rim clouds the regrets of past decisions of someone who is only now referred to as “him,”
Pink Moscato,
Cooled by cold teardrops and contaminated by a mix of mascara and heartbreak,
I wish I could take her from you,
I wish she’d never drink you again,
Unless you were matched by a candle light a hot plate and a grin,
But we both know that will never happen we’re destined to never be friends,

Because the only time she needs you is when she’s been left alone again..

HeartBreak Station 

The beautiful thing about denial is the fact that you do believe yourself,

I wonder if I asked you how you ended up here if you’d tell me the truth,
Patiently waiting at this abandoned station refusing to embark on another route,
Maybe you’re supposed to be joined by someone else and that’s why you haven’t moved,
But every train has a schedule and even this one will be leaving soon,
But who am I to judge because I’m here along with you too,
The difference is that I’m here by choice and I don’t have nearly as many bags as you ,
But when I try to help you carry them on the train you say that you’re okay,
Your lips tell me lies that you’re eyes would never fathom to say,
I wonder if you know that you won’t get far by taking those bags with you,
I fear that you’re aware that this is the same train that brought you here,
How naive of me to believe that you ever wanted to leave, 
Heartbreak Station.


I hope this feeling will last forever and these butterflies inside will continue to fly no matter the weather,

You’ve taken me away from a place that I wish to never go back to, 
But managed to desert me in a land where my mind despises my heart,
I hate it here it here but I’ve learned to love the pain if it means that I can still love you too,
What I see as irresistible gold the world sees as just being fools,
Just as they see us,
But only fools can fall in love. 
And only a fool would be foolish enough to never get up. 


I don’t want you forever,

I just want the memories of tonight to never leave, 

The rush that your touch provides makes my blood boil to the nth degree,

Of your worries I seek to set you free,

As we lust just for love to see,

The mockery that the twins of love and karma have made of us twists our minds to believe that our actions are just,

As you bend and twist, and I slip inside you and greet your soul with my tip,

I guarantee love will never provide you with a ride like this,

A high that you’ll never again be able to achieve,


I don’t want you forever,

I just want the memories of tonight to never leave. 

Fine China 

 I think you’re making a mistake,

Lowering the stakes and selling yourself short because of the fear that you might break,
The case reads fragile but the carrier continues to shake, 
I hope it’s not too late for the place you call home is a cold empty room where you’re just treated like another plate, 
I wonder if this is in your design,
I wonder if this is your fate, 
I wonder if you were mine if I could have you in a better state,
Maybe in time it will be realized that you’re China fine,
Hopefully that’s before the cracks being created destroy your design. 
Fine China. 

One Night Stand

I’ll never believe in love at first sight,
But I believe you can fall in love in one night,
Or at least that’s what we did,
From stimulating conversation to passionate penetration I got to know you until the next day,
The moon and stars were the only feature listed to be shown, but we decided to upstage them with a feature presentation of our own,
One of those one time gigs, one that should never again be shown,
Eventually the night left and the sun made its way,
We awoke as the sun showed its face,
You could have left but you decided to stay,
For less than 24 hours I knew you but I promise we fit forever in that day,
And the passion never fades every time we come together just like our one night stand,
I’ll never believe in love at first sight,
But I do believe that every night,
We fall in love again.