Fine China 

 I think you’re making a mistake,

Lowering the stakes and selling yourself short because of the fear that you might break,
The case reads fragile but the carrier continues to shake, 
I hope it’s not too late for the place you call home is a cold empty room where you’re just treated like another plate, 
I wonder if this is in your design,
I wonder if this is your fate, 
I wonder if you were mine if I could have you in a better state,
Maybe in time it will be realized that you’re China fine,
Hopefully that’s before the cracks being created destroy your design. 
Fine China. 

One Night Stand

I’ll never believe in love at first sight,
But I believe you can fall in love in one night,
Or at least that’s what we did,
From stimulating conversation to passionate penetration I got to know you until the next day,
The moon and stars were the only feature listed to be shown, but we decided to upstage them with a feature presentation of our own,
One of those one time gigs, one that should never again be shown,
Eventually the night left and the sun made its way,
We awoke as the sun showed its face,
You could have left but you decided to stay,
For less than 24 hours I knew you but I promise we fit forever in that day,
And the passion never fades every time we come together just like our one night stand,
I’ll never believe in love at first sight,
But I do believe that every night,
We fall in love again.

Dream Seller

Selling nightmares disguised as dreams,
As terrible as it seems from this twisted fantasy she refuses to leave,
I wish she would stray from me so I try to push her away from me,
What hidden beauty in this beast does she see?
She wants to save me but there’s a thin line between courageous and crazy and I told her that this just isn’t the place for you,
It’s dark and I can’t see in this hell hole come to mention there isn’t any more space for you,
She said fool..
Don’t be simple minded I would never be blinded by the darkness you’ve succumb to,
I understand there’s no space, so let’s leave this place and find somewhere else to run to,
Darkness only lasts as long as you refuse to open your eyes,
You’ll always be cold blooded if you don’t allow love in your life,
Unable to decipher the truth from lies I begin to tune her out,
I wonder if she’d be surprised if I’ve heard this multiple times?
I wonder if she’d be mad if I cut her off and say thanks for the offer but I’m fine,
It’s just that I told myself that last time would be the last time,
I would buy a nightmare disguised as a dream.

Soul Searching

I’m Running,
I just wish I knew from what,
Nothing in front of me but the feeling looms of me trying to keep up,
Stuck in a mind state created by regrets but renamed lessons learned,
I wonder if one day you’ll see the beauty in these unruly battle scars I’ve earned,
The day you find out the truth is the when you realize dwelling in sanity is crazy,
Half of me screaming to let go, half of me hoping you’ll save me,
I can hear your voice echoing and I know you’re not too far behind,
But visions of past decisions of idly living have me damn near blind,
So many close calls that should have closed my story shut,
So many new beginnings just when I thought I ran out of luck,
But I’ve learned to embrace the beauty of the darkness,
Because you can only find what is lost,
So I’ll keep running,


There’s an uprising going on in the north,
Distressed screams for justice and flashbacks of figurative train tracks
Brought a washed and strained brain back to where it belongs,
Why do I feel so constrained?
Why do I hear the rattle of chains with every step I take?
As the tear gas blinds and sprays the police barricades aid the break of balance of yin and yang,
Figureheads that deceived us to believe things would finally be just chant that we should not repeat history,
We should do the right thing but it’s a shame that the only word we hear is,
There’s a war going on in the north,
Protests lead to more tests of civility with every officer given humility for their wrongdoings,
Inflictions brewing,
They Shooting!
Made you look,
But you’re scared now,
Slaughtering a child with a toy gun you’re not being fair now,
There’s a draft going on in the north,
I promised my mom I wouldn’t enlist that I wouldn’t get involved in this but I wish that I were there now,
To fight…
So we wont get killed for wearing a black hoodie at night,
So we wont be gunned down at a gas station with no gun in sight,
So we wont be shot 6 times in broad daylight by officer whose white,
Regardless of a witness in sight,
Regardless of a country’s might,
He was still free not an ounce guilty,
But why do I hear the rattle of chains with every step I take?
It’s a shame that we’re still detained they just moved the chains to our brains,
Made sure that our youth would kill each other so it’s okay when they do the same thing,
Entrapped in this mental hell by televisions telling us the wrong things,
There’s a revolution going on in the North,
We should break these chains and do the same thing.

Lone Soldier


I’ve been one too many times,

The lone brave soldier on the front lines,
Armed with what I thought was love and shielded by those whispers that traveled down the grapevine,
Those damsels that were in distress the ones I sacrificed my life to protect were the ones who had the knife that threatened my life at my neck,
Thats why I seek to never let another in,
Those sweet whispers that you speak are a familiar cold wind,
I no longer want to fight a battle I’m destined to not win,
I no longer want to journey to that place that I have one too many times been,
Diving in an ocean for someone who knows I can’t swim,
Jumping off a cliff for someone trying to fly with my limbs,
I’m sure my heart still exists,
Under my battered and bruised body, within the dark abyss of deep rifts,
I see the light at the end of the tunnel the lighter side that you want me to come to,
But to the darkness my eyes have adjusted,
From this pain,
This stregnth I have finally mustered,
The lone brave soldier on the front lines,
Trapped in a dark cave already plotted with my grave,
Armed with the insane amount of pain I’ve gained from my my nights that once were days,
Knowing now that that all along I was the one in distress that needed help,
Knowing that I can’t go back, and Im the only one who can save me from myself
I’ve been one too many times,

The lone brave soldier on the front lines,
Now I journey for me, so the battle can only be mine.



I remember the night I saw an angel on the dance floor,
From her lips to her hips every curve managed to disturb my every nerve how absurd would I be not to exchange words with her,
A moment passed and our eyes met for what seemed like a lifetime,

And at that moment I knew everything Id ever need to know about her,
I knew that she wanted me, I knew that this would be the last time I would ever see her, I knew that she wanted to dance..the night away,
The room froze and everyone stared in awe as she chose me to be her lead,
As majestic as can be she floated to me as she grasped my shoulders with her wings, Her body said things to me that lips could never begin to say,
There we were,
Two heartbeats that decided to concur as we moved to the beat,
All eyes on her,
But her eyes on me as we swiftly glide across the dance floor,
The way we compliment each others moves and fit perfectly within each others grooves one would swear we’ve done this before,
But this was love at first sight, Love for one night, Love like loves’ never seen before,
Because I didn’t need her and she didn’t need me,
We just happened to be in good company,
I was the man of her dreams, and she was the angel in my nightmares,
A moment passed and our eyes met for what seemed like a lifetime,
A tight grasp had us chest to chest becoming each others lifelines,
Until I only heard one heartbeat, it sounded a lot like mine..
As the music began to fade so did she,
I knew that she had to go, and I knew that she couldn’t take me,
I knew that she wanted me, I knew that this would be the last time I would ever see her, but would I be wrong to believe if that even for a moment..
That angel on the dance floor was in love with me.