I remember the night I saw an angel on the dance floor,
From her lips to her hips every curve managed to disturb my every nerve how absurd would I be not to exchange words with her,
A moment passed and our eyes met for what seemed like a lifetime,

And at that moment I knew everything Id ever need to know about her,
I knew that she wanted me, I knew that this would be the last time I would ever see her, I knew that she wanted to dance..the night away,
The room froze and everyone stared in awe as she chose me to be her lead,
As majestic as can be she floated to me as she grasped my shoulders with her wings, Her body said things to me that lips could never begin to say,
There we were,
Two heartbeats that decided to concur as we moved to the beat,
All eyes on her,
But her eyes on me as we swiftly glide across the dance floor,
The way we compliment each others moves and fit perfectly within each others grooves one would swear we’ve done this before,
But this was love at first sight, Love for one night, Love like loves’ never seen before,
Because I didn’t need her and she didn’t need me,
We just happened to be in good company,
I was the man of her dreams, and she was the angel in my nightmares,
A moment passed and our eyes met for what seemed like a lifetime,
A tight grasp had us chest to chest becoming each others lifelines,
Until I only heard one heartbeat, it sounded a lot like mine..
As the music began to fade so did she,
I knew that she had to go, and I knew that she couldn’t take me,
I knew that she wanted me, I knew that this would be the last time I would ever see her, but would I be wrong to believe if that even for a moment..
That angel on the dance floor was in love with me.


It’s amazing how we’ve had so many conversations without even sharing a word,
I must say that your beautiful eyes tell the sweetest nothing’s that I’ve ever heard,
Day after day I would look for you just to say how much I missed you, And how much I couldn’t wait to see you again,
You see in the two to three seconds we would spend glancing in each other’s eyes while placing ourselves in each other’s lives felt like an eternity,
Time never ceases to freeze,
Reality leaves and I always wonder if you too yearn for me,
I wonder If I make your heart skip a beat and the flame that is clearly suffering from malnutrition and is contained by a vision that isn’t the same burns for me,
Because I see it in your eyes,
I see the hello, the don’t go, and the never say goodbye,
That smile that’s wants me to stay around for a while so you can be my girl..and I can be your guy,
But Maybe I’ll see you again later,
Maybe tomorrow we’ll try,
I just can’t wait to have another conversation with you,
Just by looking in your eyes.


When you exhaled I would inhale just to take in a little more of you before you went away,
I must say that my heart found love and was held captive by a fence of pain when I found out you weren’t here to stay,
Till this day I can hear you say,
I don’t think it’s a good idea,
But hey,
Who thinks with their heart anyway?
To be honest it wasn’t a good idea,
But I swear I’d go back and do it again any day,
Such a contradiction to the life I’m used to living,
Before you I question if I was even living,
If it was even love that the previous doves were given,
Before I was trying to fly but now I’m higher than I’ve ever been,
Learning to tango with an angel,
Maybe next I can learn how to mamba,
Then I’ll open my eyes and see you when I awake from slumber,
Sometimes I wonder,
If the time will ever be right…
But hey,
Who tells time with their heart anyway?


When I gaze into your eyes I see our future looking back at me,
I don’t mean to come on strong but would I be wrong if I told you that I want to love you,
Grow with me no matter the time no matter the place go with me,
Allow me to tear down the wall which will cause your emotions to fall into my possession,
I have a confession you have become my obsession,
I’m proud to say that I think about you night and day,
I mention your name every time I pray, it’s to the point that I feel empty every time I lay,
Without you,
Let’s chase our dreams together wake up and do new things together let’s fall in love forever and never sever ties,
Until I’m waiting for you to come down the aisle so I can say I do,
Because I do see the future in your eyes,
But I don’t want to come on too strong,
But believe me when I say,
I’ve wanted to love you all along.

Burning Bridges

Isn’t it crazy how tables turn?
One minute you’re the sole firefighter,
The next you’re the pyromaniac with fuel and a lighter getting turned on by the way the bridge burns,
You could have been the one but it wasn’t that serious,
My heart was beating for two maybe I was the one that was delirious,
But if you call me crazy I’ll say that I loved you too,
But I guess that’s what love will do,
It will spark a flame that will tame every emotion until it decides to tame you too,
Am I a fool for sacrificing myself just to save you?
Should I regret every day I spent and every night I gave you?
No, I won’t.
But tears won’t put out this flame and memories will never cease this pain,
Isn’t it crazy how tables turn?
One minute you’re crazy in love,
The next you’re driven insane by a pain caused by love’s flame that has burned a bridge that can never be crossed again.
Now you say you want to be friends,
However I think it’s better if we stay on our separated ends, but…
Maybe if we journey down the road and our hearts happen to not corrode,
We can find each other,
We can find another bridge,
And we can try again.

Free Spirit

You make me feel special,
It seems that the only time you touch the ground is when we are bound together entangled by each other’s limbs,
This may just be a whim but I do know when to not let go,
Free Spirit,
Embrace me and take me wherever it is meant for us to be,
Let’s travel to every beach this world has for us to see as we trade breaths and are only clothed by the sand which flirts with the sea,
So innocently carefree and it appeals so much to me like a gentle breeze you show time how to take time and do it with the most graceful ease,
I want you to travel the world I want you to conquer space with me,
I’ll be your man you can be my woman and you can share a space with me,
Let’s fly together and let’s fly faithfully,
Promise that no matter the turbulence that you’ll stay with me,
We can fly to heavenly heights babygirl pray with me,
We can feel what’s above love what others may never live to see,
Free Spirit,
Give yourself to me,
So I can one day too,
Alongside you,
Be free.

Panic Room

I fell for you,
And now I am trapped in this panic room that we call love,
It’s sickening how I’m comfortable in this state, but I dare not plan an escape, I shall wait because every night I hope that I will not wake up in this room alone,
Bombarded by memories that made my mind and heart bitter enemies I only pretend to be sane,
Both engulfed by old flames I wonder what you’re feeling, I wonder if you’re going through the same things,
I wonder if I can provide healing to make the burning pain subside and help you maintain,
I want your brain and your heart to feel the same thing,
Reassured that this is not a mistake,
That our encounter was destiny and the remainder is fate,
Safely trapped in this panic room that we call love,
I fell for you and I don’t regret it all,
Now my arms are extended patiently awaiting your fall.